Everyone has hair, but not everyone has the same relationship with it. For some people, their hair is their pride and joy, and for others it’s just another one of those things. Let’s talk about it.
For our first Hairstory, we profiled MIZANI Artist and Educator, Daryce Brown-Willis.


1.      Tell us a little bit about your hair? Is it your baby or just a thing on top of your head?


“My hair is my favorite accessory. Since I'm not big on makeup and my wardrobe is pretty simple, I use my hair to express my individuality.”


2.      What’s your go-to product?

“My go-to product at the moment is MIZANI's Strength Fusion Night Time Treatment. In wearing my hair relaxed these days, it's important for me to make sure my hair is properly strengthened and moisturized at all times. This treatment’s lightweight formula allows me to use it three times a week with no buildup or heaviness on my hair.”

3.      What’s your relationship with your hair? Has it always been your fave or has it been hard to love?


“My relationship with my hair fortunately is all love. I started experimenting with haircuts and color at the age of 15, and I seriously haven't stopped since. It's how I reinvent myself seasonally. I will say my first time wearing my naturally curly hair in 2007/2008, it was hard to love and understand because of the lack of information out there on how to take care of it.”



4.      What’s your go-to hairstyle?


“I've actually been rocking a pixie/bowl cut for about a year now since returning to relaxers. I call it a cross between Nia Long & Halle Berry in Boomerang.”

5.      Hair fear?


“I can honestly say I don't have a hair fear. I guess when you've cut and colored your hair as much as I have, you learn that it is just hair and it doesn't define who I am. So if I was to ever go bald, I'll rock that just as boldly and confidently as I've done every other look.”

6.      Who is your hair crush?


“My hair crush will always be Kelis. She's actually the inspiration for a lot of my bold hairstyles.”

7.      What’s your maintenance routine?


“My maintenance routine is a relaxer retouch every 6-8 weeks. I shampoo and deep condition my hair weekly. I get a haircut every time I get a relaxer. I only heat style once or twice a week and I sleep on a satin pillowcase.”


8.      How does your hair impact the way you view yourself? Does it make you feel more confident or beautiful?


“I actually feel more confident with my hair short. It's something about it that just makes me feel strong and fierce. I've never equated hair to beauty and that's probably because my mom wore short hair my whole life.”

9.      Tell me about a time you did something to your hair you regret.


“I regret not being able to embrace my naturally curly hair sooner. As someone who was relaxed at a very young age, it shaped my view of my natural hair. I felt, just like many others, that my hair was unruly and hard to manage. At 16 when I decided to cut it all off and embrace whatever grew out, I learned my hair actually is really soft and easy to manage. Which is what helps me daily connect to my clients because as their hairstylist, I've been through the "struggle".


10.   What’s your craziest hair story (wild dye job, crazy undercut, etc.)?


“I colored my hair Grinch-green two years ago during Christmas time (not on purpose), and it was literally nonstop stares in NYC (good ones though). I just couldn't take all the attention. I've also cut "Bad" into the back of my head; it was a really dope undercut and I consider revisiting it.”


Keep up with Reece: @styledbyreece

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