We’ll admit it…we’re kind of on a glitter kick. Can you blame us? It’s the season of sparkle and it just wouldn’t feel right if our nails weren’t encrusted with caviar or dusted with shimmering snowflakes. Haven’t found the festive look that’s right for you? Don’t worry; there’s a shimmering style for every personality. Today’s glitter manicure is for the sophisticate. It’s sleek, subtle and–best of all–simple.
 half and half manicure



  1. Paint your base color. Allow to dry.
  2. Cut a strip of tape. Lay it down the center of your nail.
  3. Apply polish to one side of the nail. Be careful not to cross the tape divide.
  4. Polish the other half. Work quickly so the polish doesn’t start to dry.
  5. Carefully remove the tape. You can use a light touch to pat down any pieces of glitter that may lift up.
  6. Finish with top coat. Dry and done!
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