The half-moon manicure is a perennial favorite, but summer is a time to experiment, so make a splash this season with our modern remake. It’s a bit sleeker and so much easier than the original. Add a pop of color and you’ve got the recipe for the perfect summer mani. half moon maicure




  1. Apply your base coat and paint your base color (the lighter of your two polishes). Allow the polish to dry.
  2. Place a piece of tape over the upper third of the nail, leaving the small section at the base exposed. Use your second polish color to paint the lower third of your nail.
  3. Immediately after polish application, remove the tape in one fluid motion. Try to keep it to one coat of color to keep the tape removal as clean as possible.
  4. Once the polish is dry, finish with top coat.
  Will you try this modern half-moon mani? Let us know what shades you’ll use in the comments.


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