Much like pigtails and claw clips, the half pony is a bit underrated in the world of hair. It’s possible that a few bad, scrunchie-laden years in our past have given this hairstyle a bad rap, but we know potential when we see it. Once you see how hair and makeup expert Elyse Reneau transforms this ’do from bland to boho chic, you’ll want to give the half pony the revival it deserves. half pony 1. Curl hair to add texture and apply a texturizing spray like Kérastase Powder Bluff Texturing Dry Shampoo. Brush through. 2. Part hair in the center, then take a section of hair on each side and create two French braids. 3. Gently tug the strands of the braids apart without pulling them out. This will help create volume. 4. Use a little gel like L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Clean Gel to style the top and smooth the sides. 5. Pull each section of hair from the sides into a pony at the back of your head. 6. Leaving one of the braids out, tie the hair from your pony into a loose knot. Wrap the remaining braid around your knot and push it down to pin into place.   How would you revamp the half pony? Leave your suggestions below and let us know if you try this tutorial, too.   Photos: Joshua M Shelton Photography Hair and Makeup: Elyse Reneau Model: Deven Hopp  

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