Deven Hopp Oct 28, 2013
Halloween manicures range from slightly spooky to downright scary (just google ‘zombie nails’ and you’ll see what we mean). But we never miss an opportunity to sport some holiday-themed nail art. For today’s manicure, we’re going with the classic choice–ghosts. Black and white is always timeless, and wearing ghosts this way is far more flattering than throwing a sheet over your head. halloween ghost nail art


  • Black nail polish (we used Lili Beauty Nail Polish in Blackest Night)
  • White nail polish (we used essie blanc)
  • Matte top coat (we used L’Oréal The Magic Top Coats in The Matte Velvet)
  • A toothpick


  1. Paint your black base. Don’t forget to apply a quick base coat before painting your nails a dark color.
  2. Make your black nails matte with a swipe of matte top coat. Allow nails to dry.
  3. Paint a dot of white polish on the tip of your nail. Keep building out the shape until you’ve got a good-sized ghost on your fingertips. You may find it’s easier for you to make your ghost using a toothpick dipped in polish.
  4. Add the eyes and mouth. Once your ghosts have dried, dip a toothpick (bobby pins work great too!) into the black polish and dot on the face.
  5. Let your fingers dry before tearing into those Halloween treats.
Ghost nails–boo-tiful (sorry, we couldn’t resist) or bogus? Sound off below!


About the Author:When Deven's not behind the scenes producing our photo shoots, she's behind her computer writing about everything from nail art to new lipstick.

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