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Each week our no-holds-barred beauty blogger Grace Gold picks apart a hot topic beauty story. It’s our version of an op-ed…with lipstick, laser treatments and liner involved. Chances are if you're reading, you've got a girly side you like to indulge. And as I type away from my pink-drenched office with Marilyn, Sophia and Grace (Kelly, that is) peering at me from their vintage Hollywood studio shots on the walls, I can tell you that I most certainly relate. I also know how that people tend to judge a book (or office) by its cover, and assume that since I have a penchant for pink, stilettos and lipstick, it's not likely I can do a variety of things. Among them: change my own oil, nail together an IKEA desk, or hold a feminist perspective. It's a juxtaposition that Julia Gazdag brings up on her blog, Hello Giggles.
I like bows. I have one made of shiny stones in a ring that I got from my friend Almie, and I wear it all the time. I like it because it's shiny and pretty and will leave a cute-looking bruise on your face where I punch you with it for underestimating me. Not that I advocate violence; I'm just saying.
I hear you, Julia. And I think it's a point well worth bringing up, because so many of us feel conflicted about playing to classically gendered ways of femininity, while at the same time wanting to challenge the status quo and push past the boundaries of what it has previously meant to be a woman. It's a common misconception that you can't be a feminist and still love fashion. Or that you can be for women's empowerment and spend more time than you care to admit in front of the mirror, blending the sexiest smoky eye, or splurging on a new lip gloss or nail polish that makes you feel ahh-mazing as you brush it on. It's these kinds of contradictions that make us so compelling and unique as women. And as Julia says:
Being girly doesn't mean I see the world as one big, fluffy kitten - it's my way of trying to keep at bay the fact that it can often be a vicious Rottweiler.
It's true. Sure, the shimmer and gloss can feel like a million bucks (and seriously, is there anything better than a fresh blowout?), but the pretty things we love to lose ourselves in can also soften the brunt of this crazy world. After all, beauty, fashion and being a "girly" girl are creative outlets of personal expression that women have enjoyed long before we held power in any other arena. Evolving to the next level doesn't mean having to let go of this part of our personas; it simply means expanding the possibilities for what else we can be, too. What do you think of Julia's article? Image via Getty Images


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