Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day there is one thing you can’t escape – the need to wear something red, pink or purple on that very day. Call it an internal yearning or social pressure, but somehow you’ll end up in a little lace dress or wearing sultry violet vixen makeup without even realizing it. But if going the subtle route is more your thing – this holiday you’re not a walking target for Cupid, thank you very much – then we’ve got the cutest way to celebrate love on your nails. Enter the Valentine’s Day heart manicure. It’s feminine, festive and it saves you from any unforeseen monochromatic mishaps. heart manicure Supplies Directions
  1. After prepping your nails, apply two coats of your base light purple polish.
  2. Dab a small drop of pink nail polish next to the nail and using the nail art brush begin drawing the right half of a heart in the center of each nail.
  3. Then finish the outline of the heart (the left half) with the same pink nail polish.
  4. Fill in the center of the heart and straighten up any edges to make the heart look symmetrical.
  5. Apply top coat and get ready to grab on to your loved one (or the nearest hottie) with your freshly polished nails. Don’t worry, you won’t risk smudging them if you use essie Good to Go Top Coat – it’s fast drying and ‘getting handsy’ approved.
What will you wear on your nails this Valentine’s Day? Share with us in the comments below.

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