Help Michelle Phan Create Her Next Video!

If you follow our Facebook and Twitter pages (which I hope you do!), then you know that our favorite video makeup artist and Lancôme spokesperson, Michelle Phan, is enjoying her first trip to Paris this week. She's been racing around the city with Lancôme taking in all the sights (including the Pont des Arts bridge where the Aaron de Mey, Lancôme artistic director for makeup). When it comes to making the most of one's travels, the Griswolds have nothing on Michelle!
If you're bubbling with envy over Michelle's Parisian adventure (trust me, you're not alone!), here's a way to become a part of her experience: Beginning tomorrow, June 24th, you can help Michelle create her next video tutorial, which will be inspired by her journey through Paris. Just go to the Lancôme Paris Facebook page, click on the "Michelle+Paris" tab, then click on "Vote for the Video." You'll be able to vote on what her Paris video topic should be, and the inspiration that gets the most "likes" will win. You'll have through June 29th to participate, and you can vote as many times as you like. Bonne chance!


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