Jessica Hagy Nov 29, 2013
high school reunion makeup It’s that time of year, when friends and family gather near, and the chances of running into your high school boyfriend in the local supermarket are dangerously high. Whether you have a planned high school reunion coming up, or you’re just anxious about seeing some familiar faces from your past, here are some tips from celebrity makeup artist Megan Lanoux to help you feel your best when bumping into old pals this holiday season.

Avoid Makeup that May Age You

If it’s been awhile since you’ve seen someone, the last thing you want him to think is “Woah, she looks older.” To combat fine lines and wrinkles, avoid makeup that will age you. “If you are forty plus I recommend staying away from any illuminating products. There are some great illuminating tinted moisturizers, which look great on youthful skin, but they can actually have the opposite effect on more mature skin, by accentuating fine lines and pores,” Lanoux says. “If you are younger, applying too much foundation or powder will age you quickly. It's best to let your natural glow show through as much as possible.”  

Think UP

“I always tell people, think UP with your makeup. There are a million products to make you look ‘youthful.’ The truth is, products can only do so much—it's all about your application. Giving your face as much lift as possible will give you a younger looking face. Contour your cheeks at an upward angle along with your blush. Draw in your eyebrows, giving them lift in the center. A lot of people don't understand the importance of a great brow. When applying eyeshadow and liner also lift up at an angle,” Lanoux suggests.  

Go Classic

“If I had to recommend a perfect makeup look for a high school reunion, I would say a very classic, timeless look focusing on beautiful skin and lips. I love simple eyes with a light shadow, winged out liner (doesn't have to wing out to much), some nice individual lashes, and a stunning lip to go with. I would recommend a color in the red family. Red can be scary for some people, because a lot of people don't think red looks good on them. But let's be honest, when you see someone with a red lip, it shows effort, class, and beauty. If you aren't a fan of red, still stick to a bold color. Oh, one more thing.... Don't forget to line your lips—that's a pet peeve of mine,” Lanoux says.  

Do You

Lastly, and we would argue most importantly, “be you. If you don't wear much makeup, don't show up with a smoky eye. Chances are you won't feel confident if you step too far out of your comfort zone. Be you, just accentuate your beauty however you feel comfortable,” Lanoux says.   Are you planning to see old pals this holiday weekend? Fill us in on the deets below! Photo: Thinkstock


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