lcosenza Jan 5, 2012
Color may command all the attention, but it needs a perfect canvas to pop against—and that canvas is your gorgeous glowing skin. So we’re taking a page from J. Lo’s playbook and talking faux glow with these eight how-to tips. Highlighter How-To #1 Highlighter can be used all over for an even glow or purposefully placed on the highest points of the face to create lift and dimension. The high points of the face include the tops of cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the browbone, the cupid’s bow and the very center of the chin and forehead. Highlighter How-To #2 Think Kardashian. To truly sculpt the face, highlighter must be used with contour. Areas that are contoured will recede and areas that are highlighted will come forward. Contour (aka matte bronzer) can be placed in the hollows below the cheekbone, on the sides and tip of the nose, along the hairline and the jawline. Highlighter How-To #3 If highlighter goes on the tops of cheekbones and contour goes in the hollows below, swirl blush in the center between the two in an upward motion towards the temples. Blend, blend, blend! When done properly, this effect can lift the entire face. Highlighter How-To #4 Layering highlighters gives staying power to that sexy sheen. Liquid or cream highlighters can be mixed into foundation to brighten skin, followed by a dusting of powder highlighter to accentuate the high points. Highlighter How-To #5 Want the biggest bang for your buck? Shimmery white, ivory, cream, peach or gold eyeshadows double as highlighters. "Thanks," says the bank account. Highlighter How-To #6 Say no to the 1970s reverse raccoon eye! Since highlighters bounce back and diffuse light, they are often added to the best under-eye concealers and illuminators, like Maybelline DreamLumi Touch and Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener. Highlighter How-To #7 To open the eyes, pop highlighter not only on the browbones but also in the inner corners of the eyes. This works wonders for close-set eyes and is better than caffeine for tired eyes. Highlighter How-To #8 Glow head to toe like an angel. A Victoria’s Secret Angel, that is. Run a shimmery highlighter down the center of the legs and on your collarbone for added definition.


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