With the holidays come snow, festive music, cider and, of course, parties. Within the span of a month, you’ll find your calendar packed to the brim with events and festivities, which raises the question: What’s a girl to do with her hair? We want to help you find the perfect holiday ‘do, so we whipped up a little MDC quiz to match the perfect updo with your unique style and fashion sense. Get ready to break out the hairspray!!

holiday hair

1. How would your girlfriends describe you? 

a. Traditional
b. Trendy
c. Free Spirited 
d. Practical

2. Pick a movie:
a. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
b. The Devil Wears Prada
c. Almost Famous
d. Black Swan

3. What do love most about the

a. Family time
b. The parties … duh.
c. All that beautiful snow — it’s magical.
d. End-of-year bonuses, of course!

4. What are your favorite winter fashion elements?

a. Little black dresses
b. Faux fur vests and coats
c. Chunky sweaters and scarves
d. Tailored jackets and boots

5. At a holiday party, you can be found:

a. Mingling with new people and engaging in interesting conversations
b. Dancing with your girlfriends (or by yourself on a table)
c. Hanging out by the piano and singing holiday tunes with friends
d. Networking

6. Your hair is:

a. Fine and naturally straight
b. Fine and wavy
c. Thick and wavy
d. Thick and straight

7. Your go-to winter beauty product is:

a. Blush — lots of it
b. Glitter eyeliner
c. Shimmery eye shadow
d. Red lipstick


If you answered …

Mostly As: The Classic Sleek Bun.

You are an old-fashioned girl with a love for the retro styles of yesteryear. When it comes to holiday glitz and glam, you like to keep it classy (à la Audrey Hepburn) — and you do it well! Pair that go-to LBD with a chic high bun and some bold brows and you’ll be the belle of the ball!

Mostly Bs: Messy Chignon.

Hey there fashion plate! You are quite the fashion chameleon and the holiday season is the perfect time to let your colors show. Not one to settle for “simple style,” you like to work your faux fur coats and stilettos with a little undone hair and funky eyeliner. Raise that teasing brush high!

Mostly Cs: Headband Braid ’n’ Bun.

You are quite the sweet lady who likes to wear her heart on her sleeve. You love soft, romantic hairstyles that you can match with the tons of feminine dresses and cardigans hanging in your closet. For the holiday season, lend a whimsical touch to the classic low bun by adding a pretty headband braid. Swipe on some soft pink gloss and shimmery shadow and you’re ready to frolic in the snow!

Mostly Ds: Slicked-Back Pony.

You are a no-nonsense lady who knows what she wants and doesn’t sit around waiting for someone to get it for her. When it comes to style, you like a sleek, tailored look that shows off your professionality (as well as your natural good looks). A sleek, chic pony is ideal for your perfectly put-together holiday pencil skirt and blouse combo. Pair it with ruby red lips and up-to-there lashes and you’ll be ready to roll!

What’s your go-to holiday updo? Tell us your results in the comments below!


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