Dec 3, 2014

Holiday party season is in full swing and if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been up to your eyeballs in holiday dresses and festive clothing options. But once you have your outfit, hair and makeup down, you still have your nails to contend with, and this can be a real holiday conundrum. Do you go with clean, understated nails, glitz and glamorized or sultry and dark? We have the perfect MDC quiz to make this decision a breeze. You’ll be out the door and ready for a ride on a one-horse sleigh in no time!

holiday nail polish
1. What type of holiday party are you gearing up for?

a. Corporate/company party
b. Your BFF’s super chic annual holiday extravaganza
c. Ugly holiday sweater party
d. Dinner party family and close friends

 2. What type of outfit were you planning on rocking to this soiree?

a. Pencil skirt and blouse
b. Sequin mini skirt and the highest of heels
c. A truly tacky but awesome holiday sweater
d. Flowy skirt and cardigan

3. Your nails are usually:

a. Natural and trimmed
b. Changing shape, color and texture every day!
c. Sporting the latest nail art
d. Perfectly manicured and decked in pastel

4. Pick a Color:

a. Tan
b. Midnight Blue
c. Coral
d. Pink

5. How would you describe your style?

a. Classic
b. Edgy
c. Fun/Funky
d. Feminine

6. What’s your skin tone?

a. Fair
b. Light
c. Medium
d. Dark

If You Got Mostly As …

Neutral Shades. Whether it’s due to your party’s professional ambiance or your classically cool style, clean, neutral shades are the way to go. Keep in mind, basic doesn’t mean boring! Step up the basic beiges and nudes with a matte taupe polish like essie Jiggle High, Jiggle Low or a shimmery white like NYX Cosmetics Girls Nail Polish in Venetian Glass.

If You Got Mostly Bs …

Get Dark — Or Metallic. You like to make a statement and the party you’re going to is the place to do it. Go dark with a mysterious midnight blue like Giorgio Armani Nail Lacquer in Bleu d’ Armani or a metallic finish like the brand’s Oro Oscuro.

If You Got Mostly Cs …

Rudolph Red. You don’t take yourself too seriously and neither will the crowd attending the party you’ll be going to. Wear that heinous holiday sweater and Santa hat with pride by complementing it with an equally festive mani. Red (like YSL Beauty Rouge Red) is a signature holiday color and will surely flatter any and all holiday garb you decide to throw on!

If You Got Mostly Ds …

Go With Glitter. Let your feminine and whimsical style shine by rocking a fun and flirty glitter polish like essie Carnival. This texture gives your nails some much-needed holiday pop while still staying true to your girly fashion sense. 

Which of these holiday nail shades is your perfect match? Tell us your results in the comments below!

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