With the holidays right around the corner, the MDC team is looking forward to cozy nights cuddling by the fireplace, the sound of clinking champagne glasses, and festive gatherings with family and loved ones. But first, we have to – well, get there. Chances are, you’ll be doing some traveling this holiday season – whether your family is thousands of miles away or your significant other is just in the next town over, these tried-and-true travel beauty tips will help you arrive looking fresh and glowing (even if you don’t feel that way on the inside). Now let’s go re-hang that mistletoe…

holiday travel beauty tips 

1. The Cotton Ball Compact Trick
Ever opened your makeup bag after a long trip only to find your shadows and blushes broken and shattered? We teared up a bit now just thinking about it. Bags and suitcases get jostled during car rides (and don’t even get us started on turbulence), so keep your makeup shatter-free with this simple tip: before packing up your makeup, just place a cotton ball or cotton pad (whichever fits best) on top of your eyeshadows, blushes and palettes before snapping the lid closed. The cotton ball acts like an extra layer of protection and will protect your prized palettes from shattering from impact during transit. (If they do end up breaking, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered).

2. Get Misty
The easiest way to give tired, travel-worn skin an instant pick me up is with a facial mist.  A quick spritz will refresh your face and leave you looking dewy and radiant, instead of tired and irritable (it’s not your fault the toddler sitting behind you thought your chair was a kickstand). We love Shu Uemura Depsea Water Facial Mist for a refreshing, relaxing skin treat.

3. Powder Your Tresses
If you’ve ever flown on a plane, you’ve experienced the horror of we like to call PPH, otherwise known as “post-plane hair” – flat, lifeless, mangy, dull…you get the idea. Since the TSA bans all aerosol cans in carry-ons, your favorite hair spray can do you no good. But that doesn’t mean your tresses are doomed – instead, why not try a powder dry shampoo? Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo is a cult favorite; in a pinch, baby powder will work as well. Go into the airplane bathroom and massage the powder into your scalp – you’ll emerge with bouncy, lively locks and be ready to face whatever crazy antics your in-laws have in store.

4. Skip the Foundation
The general rule of thumb while traveling is that lighter is better – this applies to your face as well. Heavy foundation can melt off your face during a long flight or car ride, or even dry out and cake around the edges. Instead, moisturize thoroughly the night before so your skin is well hydrated and in the AM, swap your foundation for a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream like Maybelline Dream Fresh BB or Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm. Once your skin breathes easy, you can too.

5. Cool It
Your best friend during holiday traveling? Anything cold. At your next rest stop, grab a cold drink and press it to your eyes to decrease any puffiness and hide signs of fatigue – the icy temperature will help firm and tighten the skin around your eyes, as well as spread out any excess water retention on your face. If you’re on a flight, ask for a cup of ice to do the same – you’ll instantly feel refreshed and renewed. Don’t forget to see our roundup of our favorite airplane-friendly beauty products!  

What are your best beauty tips for traveling?
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