Deven Hopp Nov 12, 2013
Today’s manicure masterpiece combines two of the biggest trends in nail color right now, gray and holographic nail polish, in a fresh, new way. The more common ways to sport two colors simultaneously are with French tips or half moons, but we thought we’d take a different approach...geometry. As far as manicure math goes, we know this: geometric shapes + new, fall nail colors = need-to-have nails. holographic nails



  1. Paint your holographic base. Apply two coats of holographic nail polish. Allow nails to dry.
  2. Cut a triangle. Snip a triangle shape out of a piece of tape and place at the base your nail.
  3. Add the gray. Choosing a shade of gray was the most difficult part. We decided on Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Greige, but we also love essie Mind Your Mittens for this manicure.
  4. Remove the tape. Carefully lift the tape from the base of your nail.
  5. Top it off with top coat. Finish the look with a swipe of top coat for extra shine. We used essie Good to Go Top Coat.
Is holographic and gray a must-try color combo for you? Let us know below.


About the Author:When Deven's not behind the scenes producing our photo shoots, she's behind her computer writing about everything from nail art to new lipstick.

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