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There’s a hot new hair trend in town. Taking the beauty world by storm, this new hybrid of blonde and brunette is being adopted by some of our favorite celebs, including Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively. That’s right, we’re talking about bronde hair. While the term is close to becoming as common as ómbre and babylights, the details behind the color technique remain a mystery to most of us. To shed light on this viral trend, we consulted with Kari Hill, celeb hair colorist for L’Oréal Paris.

How to Go Bronde Like Blake Lively

MAKEUP.COM: What exactly does going bronde entail?

Kari Hill: I like to describe this look as a 'layering of color' that is soft and natural. The overall bronde trend lends itself well to different levels of commitment. The tortoiseshell or ‘ecaille’ look is a great way to exhibit bronde while warming up and adding dimension to hair. Tortoiseshell denotes the blending of multiple shades such as golden blondes, caramels, chestnuts and chocolates. It’s a soft look because you are blending warm, golden and caramel tones at the ends and a rich, darker color at the roots and base.

MAKEUP.COM: What hair types/skin tones are ideal for this look?

KH: What I love about this new trend is that the layering of natural tones can complement both brunettes and blondes. Warm shades like golden caramel, chestnuts and chocolate are tones you're likely to see in this technique, all of which work well with women who naturally have a warm brunette or golden blonde base.

MAKEUP.COM: What are some considerations to keep in mind when going bronde?

KH: Make sure you’re going into it with healthy hair. Effectively moisturize hair with masks or treatments at least a week before coloring. Also, a recent cut or trim will help to remove any porous or dry ends, which can impede the absorption of going darker. Know that change doesn’t always happen overnight and can take several applications to achieve the desired result. If you try to do this all at once or rush the process, hair can become muddy or almost helmet-like, void of any shine or dimension. Just be patient!

MAKEUP.COM: What type of upkeep is necessary for bronde hair?

KH: Going bronde requires little upkeep since having a bit of your roots exposed is part of the look. If women don’t want to keep up with the color, a benefit of this look is that the hair can grow into a beautiful, effortless, beachy ombré that looks naturally sun-kissed.

MAKEUP.COM: What at-home products do you recommend for keeping the color vibrant?

KH: Once women have achieved or received their desired hair color result, it is a MUST to have the proper haircare products at home to help preserve and prolong the new hair color. L'Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Color Vibrancy Nourishing Shampoo, Conditioner, Root to Tip Fixer, Dual Protect Spray and Instant Nourishing Treatment are perfect for helping hair color last longer as they have UV filters and antioxidants that help restore moisture and shine. For hair color that starts looking dull, the new L'Oréal Paris EverPure Blonde Shampoo, Conditioner and Shade Reviving Treatment are gentle and sulfate-free. I usually suggest that my clients wash their hair, at the most, every other day. If you absolutely must wash every day, it's a necessity to have the correct products on hand! 

MAKEUP.COM: If you decide to go bronde at the salon, how would you recommend communicating this look to your stylist?

KH: When considering going bronde, I suggest finding a photo of your desired look to help you understand the effect you’re trying to achieve. A picture speaks volumes and helps you figure out the subtly or boldness of the application you’re going for. 

MAKEUP.COM: How often should you retouch bronde hair?

KH: It's truly a matter of preference, as the regrowth is going to be softer and fade into an ombré look as opposed to having a strong line of demarcation that occurs with bolder color choices. If ombré isn't your desired look, touch-ups can happen as roots start to become too visible for your taste. 

MAKEUP.COM: What's the best method to get bronde hair?

KH: L'Oréal Paris has the perfect at-home options to achieve the look. Blondes like Blake Lively can deepen their hair with a shade like Superior Preference 6 1/2G Lightest Golden Brown while still maintaining natural highlights and lowlights for an overall “bronde” effect. Brunettes can use Superior Preference Glam Lights in GL50 Medium Brown to Dark Brown, a user-friendly kit that adds dimension and still allows you to go bronde.

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