Oct 20, 2010
I admit, I never really been into Japanime cosmetics. The packaging is usually too cutesypoo for my liking and the makeup itself too extreme to wear in real life. But when I laid eyes on Shu Uemura's holiday makeup collection—a collaboration with Japanese pop artist Aya Takano—I felt as excited as, well, a child a Christmas morning. I just adore these sweet, romantic designs—they're delicate and more grown-up than the usual zany caricatures. Okay so maybe the false lashes covered in stars and hearts skew a little young, but the rest of the makeup is bright, pretty, and a refreshing alternative to the widespread assortment of dark, dramatic shades that emerge every holiday season. The entire 10-piece range is available now on Shu Uemura's website. Shown here is the Reindeer Kiss XXXX Palette (above and below center), High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil (below left), and Miracle Cherry Blush Tint (below right). Snatch up these winter wonders while you can, because this limited-edition collection is guaranteed to sell out!  


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