tfuller Dec 19, 2011
To be totally candid, I’m not one for sparkle polish. Yes, I love the holidays. And yes, I love sparkle just as much as the next girl. But glittery nails remind me of the days when chunky shimmer roll-on skin gel was all the rage—and I’d like to leave those in the past. So you can imagine my response when I entered the tenoverten salon in Triceba to find Essie’s new Luxeffects line (now available) prominently on display, eagerly awaiting my fingernails. Oh boy, I thought, this is really about to happen. Unsure as to whether I was ready to trade in my classic Power Clutch for festive silver sparkle, I sat back and decided to let celebrity manicurist Elle teach me her ways. “I’m all about the bling,” she said. And as someone who’s worked with Jennifer Lopez for several years, I can understand why. “But you don’t have to be [all about the bling] to wear these colors.” I was skeptical as I scanned the collection, which ranges from rose gold glitter flecks to a light pearl luster. Sensing my cynicism, Elle revealed four ways to wear each shade, either subtly, or J. Lo style. I may not have ended the day feeling quite like J. Lo, but I certainly learned to embrace a little sparkle now and again. #1 Pure Pearlfection layered with a light sheer. If you’re in the mood for something simple, do one coat of Pure Pearlfection (a beautiful soft, white shimmer) with a light pink shade on top. “Layering like this gives the nail a shine that you can’t get working with two sheers,” says Elle. This gives the color more dimension, and will also make it last longer. Pairing suggestions: Ballet Slippers, Lady Like, Sheer Bliss #2 Gold As It Gets layered with a sheer red. Whether donning a red shade on your lips, nails or sweater—'tis the color of the season. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to shake things up a bit. “Don’t be afraid to play around with colors,” says Elle. Mixing two red shades--or a red with a chocolate tone--can create a gorgeous new hue. In addition, a gold hint under a sheer red enhances the tone and makes it look like a professional job, even when you do it yourself. “This is a great way to use shimmer and keep an ‘adult’ look,” says Elle. Pairing suggestions: Jelly Apple, Lacquered Up, Fifth Avenue #3 Chunky glitter on top of your favorite shade. Getting a little too comfortable with your go-to shade? Kick it up a notch by adding a single top coat of A Cut Above or Set In Stone. The rose gold and silver shade compliment most neutrals, and are a sure way to attract attention. (I’m currently sporting Bobbin For Baubles with Set In Stone, and can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten.) For a girl who shunned glitter, I think I might just be changing my ways! If all 10 fingers are a bit too much, fear not. ‘Disco’ or ‘party’ fingers (sporting glitter on your ring fingers) are all the rage right now—and using Shine Of The Times just may be tame enough for you (or your fingers, at least). Pairing suggestions: Chinchilly and Set In Stone, Jazz and A Cut Above #4 Go wild with pure glitter. This look may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly fun. (Dare you to try it at least once.) Simply stack on the glitter—you can stick to one shade, or mix them up if you’re feeling ambitious. The best part? Chips are hardly noticeable, and if you opt to paint them yourself, you don’t have to worry about creases in the polish. Sounds like a win-win Tip: To remove glitter painlessly, warm up your nail polish remover by submersing the closed bottle in warm water for a few minutes before using. Works like a charm!


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