We’re always in favor of doing a thorough job. May no blemish be left unconcealed and all that. But at a certain point we have to realize that our beautifying behaviors may, in fact, be overkill. If you’ve ever found yourself lingering in front of the bathroom mirror, read on because today we’re giving you the definitive answers on how long is long enough when it comes to beauty tools. beauty tools

Eyelash Curler: 3 seconds per section

We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of over-curling our eyelashes to the point where the curl is more of a kink–not cute. The trick to avoiding crimped lashes is to hold the curler in place for no longer than 3 seconds. If you use our 3-step method to curl your eyelashes, you can press down for up to three seconds at each point.  

Facial Cleansing Brush: 1 minute

You pick up a facial cleansing brush because you yearn for that squeaky clean feeling that mere fingertips cannot deliver. Because these brushes are so much more powerful than manual cleansing, you don’t really need to spend more than 60 seconds scrubbing. We admit we’ve been tempted to go back for more after our pre-assigned minute is up, but these devices clean better and are more effective at removing dirt, oil and makeup than hands alone. Plus, you’ll still reap the benefits without the extra time spent scrubbing.  

Curling Iron: 3-7 seconds depending on hair type

If you’re one of those people with hair that simply will NOT hold a curl, you’ve probably been tempted to just hang out with your strands wrapped around the barrel for as long as they’ll stand it. Resist that urge. Heat styling is damaging enough before you start tacking on extra seconds here and there. The pros insist most people only need 3-5 seconds. If you have thick, coarse hair it may be closer to 5-7 seconds. But never exceed 10 seconds–at that point you’re just sizzling your strands.  

Straightener: a few seconds per section

When you’re going for super sleek straight hair it’s tough to know just how long your tresses can stand the heat of your flat iron. Turns out it’s even more difficult to put a specific time limit on it. Rather, the key is to run your straightener down each section of hair in one continuous movement, never stopping or lingering in one place for too long. This could be 3 seconds, this could take up to 10 seconds–it all depends on your hair length. Just remember to move swiftly and your tresses should be in good shape.   Are you guilty of spending too much time with your beauty tools? Let us know where you overdo it in the comments below.

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