If you consider dry shampoo to be your BFF, this one’s for you.


Ah – hair washing. While some of us swear we can’t go more than one day without shampooing and conditioning, others claim to get away without washing their hair for weeks. So what’s the final verdict? How often should you wash your hair? And how do we keep our hair clean and manage not to strip our hair of the oils it needs to be healthy? We reached out to NYC hairstylist Liam Carey of Broome and Beauty to get a definitive answer. Hint: It’s not every day.

According to Carey, “hair types and scalp issues determine the amount of times you should wash your hair.” People with thick and coarse hair can generally go longer without a wash than people with thinner hair, as it takes thicker and curlier people longer for their hair to get oily.

“For coarse hair, shampoo every three days and let natural oils calm the cuticle,” says Carey. “For fine and silky, I recommend two days with a dry shampoo touch up in between.” Instead of washing your hair every single day, opt for a dry shampoo like the Redken Pillow Proof Dry Shampoo to absorb oil and give your hair some volume.

But as far as a “magic number” of days that’s universal to all hair types, Carey explains: “I think the magic number for most people is two. Good natural oils repair damaged hair and relieve the scalp.” If you’re unsure about your hair type or your personal hair needs, consult your hairstylist for a product recommendation. “Using the wrong shampoo can cause reactions to the scalp – like dryness and irritation, which could affect the cuticle,” says Carey.

When washing hair, always be sure to take your time to thoroughly rinse out all the product to make sure you don’t irritate your scalp or cause your hair to fall flat and look greasy. It is worth consulting your stylist to see how often you should be conditioning your roots (if at all). But most importantly, it’s crucial to note that you don’t need to wash your hair every day. Your hair will thank you later.

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