There are certain aspects of our beauty routine that we consider no-brainers: shampooing, shaving, washing our faces, etc. However, here at, we’ve learned that even the most common, everyday beauty regimens can be done incorrectly, and the results can seriously impact our skin and overall pretty factor. This is especially true with skin care. We recently discovered there was one particular skincare step that even we beauty editors were getting wrong and it involves one of our most sensitive areas. That’s right, the eyes. Did you know there’s a correct way to apply eye cream (meaning there’s a wrong way,too)? We didn’t either, so we’re spreading our knowledge on how to make sure our eyes are getting the most out of those fancy eye creams we love so much!

How to Apply Eye Cream

Step 1. First and foremost, make sure the eye area is thoroughly cleansed of any makeup and/or skincare products. You want a clean working space!

Step 2: Using your fourth finger (nope, not the index), apply a small amount (about a pea-sized portion) of eye cream around the entire eye area, using soft tapping motions. You want to use light pressure, which is why you are not using your index finger, as it’s the strongest. Don’t pull at the skin or massage it too hard.

Make sure you go all the way around the eye -- from just under the inner corner to along the upper brow. Many make the mistake to just hit the under-eye and outer corner with the idea that crow’s feet and under-eye bags are the main concerns of the eye area. Not true! Over time, the area under the brow can get crepey and start to sage, so make sure you do your best to keep the area tightened and smooth.

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Step 3. Repeat the tapping motions over the eye region until the product is completely absorbed into the skin. Do not apply anymore than the said amount above, as you risk the product going into the eyes and irritating them.

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