Diana Crisan Feb 19, 2015

Here at MDC, we believe that mindful makeup shopping is successful shopping. And yes, we have to admit that while we love to go off and splurge come the weekend (or paydaaaay!), tackling this favorite activity with a plan in place can save time, money and frustration! Beat the beauty disappointment by following these shopping rules to live by!

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Read Reviews: Interested in a new moisturizer that just hit the market or maybe even a high-tech tool that’s, well, up there in price? Just like any life-changing buy, do your research! See what people think before you take the plunge and while not every review might pertain to you (we all have different experiences) you’ll at least get a better picture of what to expect. Chances are, if most people say the serum is too greasy … it probably is.

Sample First:
Hey, if the reviews haven’t swayed you (or maybe they have but on a positive note) see if you can sample first! Most beauty counters or department stores will set aside a small sample if you ask. Try it for a few days and then make a decision. Keep in mind that not all products will work right away, but if you like it, buy it! This way, you avoid the whole return process altogether … thank goodness.

Save vs. Splurge:
Knowing when you can save a few bucks on a similar product can really pad your pockets in the long run. There are times where there’s absolutely no comparison to the real deal, and that’s okay! But sometimes, a $30 red lipstick can be swapped out for a fab drugstore buy and still do the trick!

Look for Deals:
Check for special store offers online that include a certain dollar amount off. Also, remember to price-check online and in the store — it’s possible that the in-store sale is greater than what’s offered online. Maybe another store that stocks up on your fave product sells it for less! This is where your search bar and more research comes in — even if you only save a few bucks each time, it’ll really start to add up! Time is never wasted when saving money, are we right?

Know What Works for You:
You’ve got your beauty staples and while experimenting is always fun, don’t get yourself caught up in buying a product that most likely isn’t meant for your skin type or a shadow shade that isn’t really your color just because others rave about it. Knowing what formulas and colors really work for you makes shopping a breeze. Otherwise, you might end up buying things you really don’t need! And back to the return line we go …

What are some of your smart shopping tips? Tell us your tricks in the comments below! 

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