How to Beautify Your Staycation

Call us crazy, but sometimes the best vacations are the ones spent in the comfortable and relaxing confines of home sweet home. The appeals of a staycation are endless.  Not only can you catch up on your beauty sleep, but you are also able to tackle those things you’ve been meaning to do but never have time for: cleaning out your closet, refurbishing that sad-looking loveseat and catching up on your favorite daytime TV shows. Staycations are also a great time to update your beauty routine — or get it back on track. Here are a few ways to turn your staycation into a beautification!

Test-Drive a Bold New Look. There are some looks that we hesitate to try, in fear that they’ll be a catastrophic mistake that our entire office will be privy to. Now that you have the home-court advantage, feel free to break out that pink hair chalk you’ve been meaning to test out or that purple lipstick you’ve wanted to rock for ages. Walk that brand new look around the block and see how your neighbors react to it!

Get Some Much-Needed Pampering. Staycations are a great time to indulge in some luxurious living. We’re talking a massage, mani/pedi facial or even a nice long bubble bath (try The Body Shop Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt — it’s divine). A restful you is a beautiful you.

Clean Out Your Makeup Drawer. We know this one invokes some groans and eye-rolling, but bear with us. You’d be surprised by the sense of accomplishment this task provides and by some of the hidden treasures you might find in the buried corners of your makeup drawer. Still not buying it? Here’s the kicker: By getting rid of the old, you are making room for the new!

Restock/Update Your Beauty Lineup. A staycation is a great time to evaluate your current beauty routine and address the areas that could use a little sprucing up. Is your facial cleanser no longer producing skin-brightening results? It could be because you’ve been using it for so long that your skin no longer reacts to it. Throw a new cleanser in the mix that will lend your skin some much-needed radiance (try Lancôme Absolue Premium βx Cream Cleanser). And as for your tried-and-true mauve lipstick that you wear every day? Ditch it for an upgraded fuchsia or peach lip color that will give your pout a little va-va-voom effect, like Maybelline SuperStay 14HR Lipstick in Eternal Rose.

How would you beautify your staycation? Let us know in the comments below.



    About the Author:Angela helps inspire and inform the audience by delivering the latest beauty tips, tricks and trends.