There are some things in life that we just can’t seem to wrap our heads around: why chocolate isn’t considered a basic food group; why *NSYNC can’t seem to get it together and reunite for one more life-changing album; and why our at-home blowout doesn’t ever come close to resembling that of a professional hair salon. While the first two dilemmas will never cease to leave us scratching our heads, we believe we have the answer to the third. The reason your hair could be lacking the pizzazz of a professional blowout is perhaps due to the fact that you are doing it all wrong. That’s right, the answer lies in your (OK, our) hands. Not sure how to go about addressing the great blowdrying conundrum? Fear not. Whether your hair is long, short, curly or stick-straight, we’ve got an easy, foolproof process to help you replicate that salon look effortlessly. 

blow dry hair

1. After washing and towel-drying your hair, apply a heat protectant (we love Redken Smooth Lock Stay Sleek-Anti Frizz Cream). Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb. Don’t skip this step — no one wants to become permanently entangled with a styling brush. Also, before getting down to business, make sure to throw a concentrator nozzle on your blow dryer to ensure speedy and accurate drying action.

2. Long-haired ladies: Part the hair by sectioning off the top middle area (about three inches wide) and securing with clips. Section the sides and back into 2 or 3 sections — depending on the thickness and length — and secure each section with a clip. Starting with the middle portion, dry the hair in sections using a barrel brush (size of the brush depends on the amount of volume you are going for) working from front to back. When using a barrel brush, aim the dryer downward toward the ends of the hair and move the brush and dyer down in unison to ensure even coverage. For you short-haired beauties, clipping is optional. Dry the roots first by holding them taut with your fingers while directing the nozzle as close as you can to them. Then, proceed with drying the rest of the hair as described above, but work from the nape of the neck upward. Blast each section with cool air to set the style.

3. Finish the blowout with a few drops of smoothing serum like Matrix Mix In Shine Brilliant Serum, paying extra attention to the ends of the hair and the crown, as these areas are most prone to breakage and flyaways.

What's your method to achieving the perfect blowout? Share your secrets in the comments below. 

Photography: Kristine Payongayong
Model: Angela Melero

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