As makeup-loving girls, it’s easy for us to get a little carried away with our beauty products. Don’t think this applies to you? Take a look at your beauty drawer and see if you aren’t ready to check yourself into beauty rehab! Before you start researching therapists, let us offer you a solution. The key to controlling your beauty arsenal lies in a simple organized system of checks and balances. Check out our three-step process to developing a beauty wardrobe that will save your sanity and your wallet!

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Step 1: Assess Your Lifestyle
Everyone’s day-to-day routine is different and requires a different makeup strategy. Make sure your beauty arsenal aligns with your life. If you work from home and find yourself indoors a lot, heavy foundations and vivid lipstick will not be as high on your list of priorities as, say, BB cream or tinted lip balm. Also, if you’re outdoors a lot, products with sufficient sunscreen and skin-saving nutrients are going to be a must. So, take a minute, think about the regular course of your day and make a list of items that are non-negotiables. 

Step 2: Build a Foundation
After you’ve reflected on your lifestyle, build a base collection of makeup essentials that you should have on hand at all times. For most, this includes moisturizer and/or BB cream, foundation, concealer, blush and mascara. For others, this list can be a bit more extensive and include eyeliner, brow-shaping tools, contouring powder and highlighter. Make sure your basic collection includes products you will use every day. 

Step 3: Lightly Supplement With Trendier Items
It’s important to have fun and indulge in trendy makeup products. It’s also equally important to avoid going overboard and end up with a drawer of products you never use. So splurge the smart way by creating a vision board (or Pinterest board) of looks you love and would love to experiment with. Drooling over marsala, Pantone’s color of the year, and want to try it as a lip color? Or have you been dying to rock a teal eyeliner for your next girls’ night out? Make a list of items you would need for these looks. Having a vision board as a reference will help you organize your thoughts so you’re able to approach makeup counters and aisles with purpose and aren’t burning a hole in your wallet with impulse purchases. Try creating a new vision board every season to keep your look updated and fresh!

What does your beauty wardrobe consist of? Spill in the comments below!

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