Deven Hopp May 28, 2014
In general, the goal of eyebrow shaping is to enhance your natural shape. We’re all for working with what you’ve got, but it doesn’t mean you have zero room to play. Simple tweaks — an arch here, a flick there — can give you a whole new look. But don’t just take our word for it — see how eyebrow genius and professional makeup artist Elyse Reneau works her magic with an angled brush and the Urban Decay Brow Box. how to change your eyebrow shape

The Dramatic High Arch

Achieving a high arch is a two-stroke process. Think of your eyebrow in two parts: before the arch and after the arch. For the first section of your brow, start with an angled brush positioned so it’s angled up slightly. Fill in this section using strokes that angle up toward the highest point of the arch. For the second half of your brow, tilt your brush so it’s angling down. Keep your strokes sharp and defined, especially around the arch.  

The Sleek Slim Peak

To create an eyebrow with a more natural, gradual arch you’ll use smooth transitions — no distinct direction changes this time. Start along the bottom edge of your brow and use strokes that move straight across. Taper off slightly as you reach the end of your eyebrow. Finish by softening and blending — especially the front of the brow — with a spoolie.  

The Glamorous Full Brow

For the fullest of brows, you’re going to overextend a few boundaries past your natural shape. To begin, hold your pencil up to the inner corner of your nostril. Make a tick mark there. When filling in that front section of the brow, use little brush strokes to fake the appearance of hair. Follow the shape of your natural brow, concentrating on defining the arch. Then extend the tail of the brow out — not down. Use very light strokes when building out the tail to avoid overdoing it.   Which brow shape would you rock? Tell us in the comments.   Photos: Joshua M Shelton Photography Hair and Makeup: Elyse Reneau Model: Leilani Fideler


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