Ashley Rebecca Dec 27, 2013
For the beauty product obsessed, it's typical to have drawers and bins overflowing with endless lipsticks, blushes, and impulse purchases. Knowing what products are best to use, and how to use them is key when organizing your makeup bag for everyday living. Here are my tips on how to streamline your makeup bag and set you up for success, one application at a time.
how to clean out your makeup bag
1. To keep or not to keep? If you have to ask yourself if you should hang on to a particular product, chances are it is time to part ways. Get rid of products you haven’t used in quite some time to make room for new ones that you know will be a better investment.

2. Is it supposed to smell like that?
Chances are, the answer is no. When makeup starts to expire one of the first things to change is the smell. For instance, lipsticks that start to smell like crayons or have a very waxy odor to them are definitely expired. If your drawers are overflowing with products, try the smell test. This is very helpful for weeding out things you shouldn’t keep.

3. Pick your staples.
Always have a few products you know you will use everyday. For instance, some great staple products are: foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, mascara and lip balm or lipstick. Keeping these products in your favorite shades in a bag you can throw in your purse is the easiest and most effortless way to have your go-to kit all in one place.  

What are some of your tips on choosing the right products for your makeup bag? Sound off in the comments below!  

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