The full-proof technique we're sharing with you is super easy and can be done in three steps. Apply your foundation and/or BB cream first, grab an expert concealing coverup, like Lancôme Effacernes Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer, and get yourself in front of a mirror.

undereye cirlces

The Triangle Trick

Step 1. Use your concealer to (gently!) draw the outline of an upside-down triangle underneath your eye. The base of the shape should start just below your waterline, with the point coming together right above your cheek.

Step 2. Fill the triangle in by adding small dots of concealer inside of the shape, then blend it by patting the area softly with your finger or makeup sponge.

Step 3. Rub carefully using downward strokes until the concealer is blended evenly. Set your makeup by dusting your entire face with a finishing powder like Lancôme Translucence Silky Loose Powder.

Since the makeup is blended in a downward motion inside the triangle, the brightest point is right below your eye, covering the darkest and most discolored area. The shape also reflects light upward, bringing the focus away from your dark spots and puffy bags.

What’s your best tip for concealing ugly under-eye circles? Share in the comments!

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