There are plenty of different eyelash curling methods out there (believe us, we’ve tried them all). In all our years of primping and crimping we’ve come to love this one the most. If you’re doing something different, allow us to show you the complete curl you’ve been missing (trust us).
eyelash curling method

1. Open the eyelash curler and get it as close to the lash line as you can without pinching the skin. Press down and pump the curler a couple times. Remember: the goal is to curl, not crimp, the lashes.

2. Inch the curler out so it’s at the mid-point of your lashes, and up so it’s angled about 20 degrees higher than your first pinch. Press down and pump once more. 

3. Move the curler out again and up another 20 degrees to grab the last quarter of your eyelashes. You may need to do this step twice, shifting the curler to each side in order reach the both the inner and outer corners of your lashes.

Voilà! There you have it–impeccably curled eyelashes in three quick steps. Now all that’s left is the perfect mascara application.

Got a different curling tip you swear by?
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