There’s perhaps no beauty woe as universal as the “bad hair day.” If wrestling with your subpar style all morning has achieved nothing except a good arm workout (silver lining!), read on for some solutions we found on how to get your coiff to cooperate. 

how to deal with bad hair days
You’re having a bad hair day. First of all, it’s ok. Even celebrities have off days—here’s proof. –DailyMakeover

Your lackluster ‘do due to lack of time to heat style in the morning? We got you covered--how to air-dry your hair properly. –RealBeauty

 So it’s your bangs that are driving you nuts. Check out these 6 tips to make that in-between stage less frustrating. –

 If you have long hair, try this brilliant tied-up look that hides frizz, awkward volume, limp locks and other bad hair day culprits. –xoVain

 If your hair just wants to stay in bed today; embrace it, don’t fight it! Here’s how to make bedhead look chic. –

Just over it? Take a note from Beyonce and chop it all off. –BeautyBloggingJunkie

Tried all those tricks and still having constant bad hair days? It might be a sign it’s time to break up with your hairdresser. –BeautyHigh

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