We’ve all experienced the feeling of racing against the clock during our morning commute — and more often than not it results in uneven cat eyes and misplaced lipstick. However, completing a perfect face of makeup on the subway is actually possible — if you have your technique down to a science, that is. Ahead, find four tips we’ve accumulated over our commuting years that make applying makeup *a little* smoother during a bumpy ride.

Sit — Or at Least Anchor Yourself

If you’re an every-day commuter, you know how difficult it sometimes is to score a seat on the train or bus. But if you know you’ll be applying makeup during the ride, do whatever you can to try to snag a seat to keep your body grounded while you apply your products. If you have to stand, try anchoring your elbow or applying arm on or around one of the poles in the car — anything that helps make your body feel more stationary.

Apply Your Foundation at Home

If you’re going to do any makeup during your commute, choose the products that are less messy. Foundation or any overall face product (like tinted moisturizers or BB creams) are prone to spilling, so it’s best that you stick to applying these at home. Once your base is finished, you can certainly rush out your door and apply the smaller details on the train or bus. Plus, the finished product will be better for it.

Pack the Right Makeup

Another rule when applying your makeup in a moving vehicle involves the choice of product you bring. Choose stick makeup products or easily applicable rollerball or sponge applicator items to avoid having to carry excess brushes or sponges. Our favorite go-to example for this the Lancôme Matte Shaker, which is a super commuter-friendly option thanks to its built-in sponge tip.  

Know When to Apply What

Finally: The hack of all hacks for doing your makeup during your commute — know when to apply what. Powders, blushes and swipe-on eye paint pots or cream shadows can be easily applied while train or bus cars are moving. On the other hand, liners, mascaras and lipsticks are best applied when your mode of transportation is making local stops.

You can finally kiss those speed bump makeup mistakes goodbye —😘

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