As manicure trends take a turn for the simple and sleek in 2014, we’ve reluctantly packed away our feathers and glitter. But our fondness for nail art has kept us from completely swearing off the stuff. Instead, we’re merely adopting the minimalist approach. Take today’s tutorial, for example—no scissors, no tape, no tweezers or stickers—just two pretty polishes. Without further ado, we give you the understated reverse half moon manicure (no supplies necessary). how to do reverse half moon manicure Supplies Directions
  1. Apply a base coat to protect the nail then apply two coats of polish. This will be the color that will peek out at the base of the nail. We chose Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture in Violine Surrealiste.
  2. For the top color, apply the polish as you normally would except instead of extending your brush strokes down the entire length of the nail, start the brush about two-thirds of the way down leaving a small portion of the base color exposed. We used Giorgio Armani Nail Lacquer in Bleu d’Armani.
  3. Allow the polish to dry for a few minutes then finish off your reverse half moon mani with a swipe of top coat.
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