Angela Melero Jan 13, 2015

It seems that we all have our signature formal updo that we whip out whenever there’s a special occasion. For some of us, a quick and easy ’do (like a sleek chignon or pony) are our go-tos, while for others a full and fancy braid or bun style reigns supreme in our formal hair arsenal.  Whatever your preference, we’ve found a new updo (courtesy of makeup and hair guru Elyse Reneau) that could change your hair game for good. Be forewarned, this ’do is as tricky as it is beautiful, so make sure you carve out some time to do it. In fact, this might be the perfect distraction when you’re tempted to text Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now). You’re welcome.

elegant updo
Step 1. Section of a four-inch piece of hair at the crown. Tease it lightly and pin it in place.

Step 2. Pull a one-inch piece of hair from one side of the head. Choose a piece that is closest to the sectioned-off portion of hair. Pull the piece across to the other side of the head and pin it in place.

Step 3. Repeat with the opposite side. Continue this process, alternating sides until you are right above the nape of the neck. There should be some un-pinned hair left hanging loose.

Step 4. Divide the remaining un-pinned hair into two sections, with one section being considerably larger than the other (make it a 75:25 split). Split the larger piece in two and twist the two pieces. Then, intertwine the pieces in the opposite direction they were twisted (if you twist in the same direction, they’ll come undone!).

Step 5. Wrap this twisted piece into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

Step 6.  Repeat this process with the smaller section of hair.

Step 7. Wrap the piece around the existing bun. Secure with bobby pins. Set the style by spraying it with a strong-hold hairspray (we love L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Bold Control Hairspray)

What’s your go-to formal updo? Sound off in the comments below?

Photography: Joshua M. Shelton
Hair: Elyse Reneau
Model: Deven Hopp



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