Fake a Boob Job
There’s a much easier way to make your boobs look bigger without going under the knife! While we haven’t all been blessed with an ample bosom, there’s a quick and easy was to give your assets a boost. You know the saying, fake it ’till you make it? Well, that’s just what we plan on doing! For those special occasions when your LBD is a little extra low cut, or you want to “accessorize” your v-neck tee, a simple magical makeup illusion will do the trick! All you need is some bronzer and highlighter. Unhook that push-up bra, and let’s get to contouring something other than your cheekbones!

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Fake a Boob Job

Step 1: “Y” Contouring

Actually, re-hook that push-bra because it will emphasize where the natural shadow above your cleavage forms — this is where your bronzer will go! Using a brush like the Lancôme Cheek & Contour Brush #25 or just a small blush brush, dust a matte bronzer in between your breasts and blend the color upward, creating the letter Y along the natural curve and roundness above “the girls.”

Step 2: Highlight Above & Below

To enhance the illusion of depth, use a highlighting cream like the NYX Wonder Stick (you can use this to both contour and highlight) right above and below the bronzed curve you created. Fill in the middle of the Y — the flat surface against your chest bone to really make your contouring stand out!

Step 3: Blend, Blend Blend

Blend out any harsh lines and set your new, well, set, with translucent powder and you're good to go! Want to take it a step further? Here’s how to highlight your collarbone, too!

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