how to find the right shade for your eyebrows Eyebrows are a frequent topic of discussion around the MDC offices. Fine-tuning the shape, perfecting the arch, mastering the proper eyebrow defining technique–we could talk brows for days. For today’s dissertation on our favorite feature, we’re focusing on color. When selecting brow makeup, finding the right shade is make or break. So we turned to celebrity makeup artist Elle Leary to help us assemble this guide to finding the right hue.

Dark Hair

In general, sticking with your natural brow color will be your best bet, but dark-haired beauties should avoid selecting a shade that’s too dark. “If you have black hair, go with dark brown. This will be more realistic and won't give you that Sharpie effect,” notes Leary.

Light Hair

Blonds should pay extra attention to the undertones of the products they pick. Leary recommends blonds choose a color that has a little green in it. It may sound strange, but any blond who has ever walked away with brow pencil that was too warm leaving them with slightly reddish-looking eyebrows, should remember this tip.

Red Hair

Redheads have it the hardest. Leary likes to start with an auburn shade, and then go in with a medium ash color to give the brows some depth. “You want both the red and the ash,” stresses Leary. Ash is a variation of the color gray and its hue is neutral. In brow makeup, it actually makes the eyebrows look more lifelike.   And remember, the product formula you choose matters too. Leary says, “If you have a pretty full brow and just need to fill in and define, use either a shadow or brow powder.” If you have sparse brows, Leary suggests starting with a wax or pencil and then adding just a little powder as a finishing touch.   Do you fill in your brows or prefer them au naturel? Let us know below!   Photos: Thinkstock

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