Lately, it seems the team here at MDC has braids on the brain. From braided crowns and waterfall braids to braided buns and four-strand braids, we can’t get enough of these works of hair art. There’s one braided style in particular that has been making quite a splash (pun intended) on the hair scene: the fishtail. An upgraded version of the basic braid, this simple-yet-intricate-looking style has become wildly popular because of its ability to be dressed up and dressed down. We’re big fans too, so we asked hair and makeup guru Elyse Reneau to show us how to master the art of the oh-so-lovely fishtail braid. Ready, set, braid!

fishtail steps

1. Section the hair into two even parts.

2. Separate a small piece of hair from the outside of the section closest to your neck. Pull the piece across the front of the section, joining it to the opposite part of hair.

3. Repeat Step 2, pulling a piece from the opposite part of your hair (farthest from your neck).

4. Continue this back-and-forth process. Make sure the pieces are small so that the braid actually looks like a fishtail.

5. Once your hair is braided to the ends, secure it with a hair tie. Spray the hair with hairspray to keep the braid in place.

What’s your go-to braid? Sound off below!

Photography: Joshua M. Shelton
Model: Erin Laine

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