Oct 26, 2010
If Miranda Priestly could see her now... In the new issue of Vogue, Anne Hathaway goes back in time to the era of bejeweled updos and pristine makeup. Anne is so often cast in films as the ingenue that it's easy to forget what a strong, classic beauty she is. But judging by these photos, had she been around during old Hollywood's heyday, she would have held her own against the screen legends of that time. Makeup artist Linda Cantello had that same thought in mind when she created Anne's Audrey Hepburn-inspired look at the Paris shoot, which took place at Maxim's restaurant and the Place de la Concorde—two stomping grounds of Hollywood elite past and present. "We wanted to recreate those fabled evenings once captured in Paris Match, when movie stars looked just as glamorous in their off time as they did in their films," says Linda. "But Anne's look is so refreshing that we didn't want to do literal '60s makeup. So we went with a softer wink to that style." To give Anne that wink, Linda zeroed in on her brows. "By simply thickening them and enhancing the arch, it changed her entire look without having to do a lot of makeup," she says. "I think that's why some people are saying she looks like Eva Mendes on the cover—it's those thick brows!" For real life brow makeup, Linda stresses the importance of going in from the top. "A lot of women fill in their brows from underneath, which can make your eyes look squinty," she says. "Instead, emphasize the tops and the arch, then blend outward toward the tail. This gives you those perfectly polished brows." Linda also likes to mix powder shadow and brow pencil together get the most realistic finish. "Powder on its own fades quickly, while pencil alone can look stiff. By mixing the two, you have better control over the application, and the effect will look more natural," she says. Choose a pencil and powder that match your brow color (unless yours are fair, in which case go with makeup that's a shade or two darker than the hairs). Try L'Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Pencil and Giorgio Armani Beauty Maestro Eye Shadow. "Mix the two products together on the back of your hand, then use a small, stiff angled brow brush to apply," says Linda.

For the rest of Anne's makeup, Linda concocted a gentler version of '60s glamour. She swept a soft brown shadow in the crease of her lids and smudged black pencil at the outer corners. "This gives the shape of the ‘60s eye, but in a subtler way," she says. She piled on Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyes To Kill Excess Mascara—"It gives that doe-eyed effect without having to use false lashes," says Linda—rubbed a champagne highlighter (Giorgio Armani Beauty Fluid Sheer in No. 2 Shimmering Beige) on her cheeks, and patted plain balm on her lips. "Anne has the most naturally bitten-pink lips," says Linda. But don't be too envious—she says you can get the same color with Armani's Rouge d‘Armani Lipstick No. 101. PHOTOS FROM VOGUE


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