Karie Frost Jun 21, 2012
Even if you’re not setting foot on a beach, you can still achieve those beach-inspired waves that have become ubiquitous with summertime beauty. Hairstylist Joshua Barrett, who works on Drew Barrymore’s tresses, shares some of his tips to create this effortless look. Add Texture While hair is wet, mist on a texturizing spray, such as Redken Nature's Rescue Radiant Sea Spray, which works to thicken the hair shaft and lend piece-y separation. “These products tend to work best on fine, thin hair types,” Barrett says. Dry hair using a blow-dryer and your hands—not a brush—to keep the texture looking natural. Build Body After you’ve dried your hair, spritz volumizing spray (try Phyto Phytovolume Actif Volumizer Spray) through it, concentrating at the root area to help boost body. Barrett likes to then blow-dry the volumizing spray into the hair. Make Sections Create two- to three-inch sections randomly throughout the hair. The more random the sections are, the more effortless the finished style appears. Wield the Wand Curling wands, which typically don’t feature a clamp, create softer beach waves. They “do require some practice to use,” Barrett says. Most wands come with a heat-resistant mitt to prevent mishaps; wear it to keep from burning your fingers. To make waves last longer, Barrett says to mist each section with hairspray (try L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium 2 Regular Hold Working Spray), before wrapping the hair around the wand. Keep the wand vertical to your head and pointed down as you wrap the hair around the barrel, starting at the top of the wand and ending near the tip. Be sure to wrap the ends of your hair around the wand. When you start curling the hair around your face, “always remember to curl these sections away from the face,” Barrett says. Pull, Separate and Define If you desire looser waves, gently pull each curl as it cools to give it a more elongated shape. “After you curl your entire head, spray your hands with a shine spray (for finer hair) or emulsify anti-frizz serum (for thicker hair), and then run your fingers through your hair,” Barrett says. Start at the bottom of your hair and move upward, breaking up the waves as you go. “Using your fingers, and not a brush, gives a looser, more beach-inspired look.” Go back in and pinch your fingers over the tips of some of the waves to create casual definition. What tricks do you turn to in order to create beachy waves?

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