India-Jewel Jackson Mar 22, 2012
Face it: Gorgeous skin is every girl’s BBF (best beauty friend). Shouldn’t the skin you’re in look incredibly pampered and ultra rich (especially if it doesn’t cost you one extra cent)? For many of us, the process of looking perfectly pretty starts with a face full of foundation, which we all wear for one reason, and one reason only—to look as if we were born with clear, unblemished skin. So why not up the ante and take your beauty regimen one step further? Going from fresh-faced to utterly impeccable isn’t about spending more money at all—it merely requires a little extra TLC and a tad bit more expertise. First things first: “It’s really all down to preparation—you have to put the time in,” says Val Garland, MAC Cosmetics makeup artist. Translation: Always prepare your skin for makeup by pampering your face daily. Well-cleansed skin is a given, but when it comes to your moisturizer, “Start by massaging it in,” enlightens Garland. “Your skin will feel awake, alive, and moist.” Next, be a savvy shopper: Know your skin type, as picking products that are particularly perfect for you is an important component. “You have to choose a great foundation—one that looks like you aren’t wearing anything—and pick a concealer that blends in well with it,” Garland explains. If you have normal, combination, or dry skin, liquid, foam, or soufflé foundations are great. If your skin falls on the oily side, look for oil-free formulations. Technique is key: The manner in which your foundation is applied is equally imperative. Diane Kendal, go-to runway makeup artist for Sunday Riley, shares her luxe-looking skin method, which surprisingly doesn’t include high-end brushes or sponges, just your fingertips. “Softly blend in your foundation in soft circles.” And know this: For skin that is super luxe, your foundation should look delicate and dewy, not flat and matte. “A trick I use is to add one drop of oil to liquid foundation—you’ll get full coverage that looks light, like a tinted moisturizer effect,” Garland adds. “Oil gives great texture to the skin,” confirms Kendal. “But if you have oily skin, obviously this one isn’t for you.” Finish flawlessly: Finally, Kendal offers one crucial tip: Never apply with a heavy-hand. “The mistake people always make is covering the whole face with a thick base, and that’s not really necessary,” she says. “For fresh, luminous skin, just cover what’s needed with concealer—the individual spots, then follow up with a little foundation.” What's your secret to flawless looking skin?


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