Diana Crisan Feb 8, 2016

To be clear, we’re not fans of skin that’s completely drenched and dripping in sweat. That’s kind of gross, right? When we refer to “sweaty skin”, we’re talking about that post-gym, lit-from-within glow you get after an hour of a super-charged workout or cardio session on the treadmill. You know, where your cheeks are flushed to perfection (once the redness goes down), and you’ve got that natural, dewy finish going, without a stitch of blush or highlighter. Now picture THAT look — minus the panting, shortness of breath and exhaustion.

Sweaty Skin

You Look Healthy

It’s still an odd concept to grasp, but think about it: After your intense workout sesh, your skin looks healthier than ever. And that glowing, blood-rushed “look” happens to be one of the hippest red carpet trends of the moment. We’re pretty darn obsessed too, but that goes without saying, as you already know how we feel about dewy skin and flushed cheeks.

It’s Super Easy to Achieve

Luckily, because the look is so minimal, you can replicate it in a pinch! All you really need to land a fresh-faced complexion is clean and moisturized skin, a cream-based blush and highlighter, and if you really want to take it all the way, a hydrating mist!

Product Recommendations: Lancôme Le Duo Stick, NYX Rouge Cream Blush, La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water

You can go with full-face makeup, if you must.  But, the point is to keep the skin soft and glowing (stay away from matte finishes), and the cheeks bright and flushed. Think makeup meets your spin-class face!

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