Aug 11, 2010
Is everyone as excited to see Eat, Pray, Love as I am? I've been lucky enough to be invited by Lancôme to a special screening tomorrow night, and I truly can't wait. (For the skinny on the world premiere of the movie last night here in New York City, check out my colleague Kerry Diamond's post on the Lancôme blog by clicking here.) The only thing more eye-catching than the movie's dazzling images of sprawling landscapes is how radiant Julia Roberts looks in the film. At 43-years old, she's honestly never looked better. It will be interesting to see how her look progresses throughout the film as her character goes through a series of life changes. Erin Cerminara, head of makeup artist relations for Lancôme, recently sat down with Julia Roberts's makeup artist on the movie, Richard Dean, to talk about how he created the Lancôme ambassador's various makeup looks in the film. Julia looks beautiful in Eat, Pray, Love. How does her look change as her character moves through Italy, India, and Bali? When Julia’s character Liz is in Manhattan, she has a very specific, urban look—carefully lined eyes, pronounced lipstick, blush placed at the outer cheekbone–like so many energetic, accomplished women. We picked a set of products for this look and decided that as Liz traveled and tried to find herself anew, she would use the same products in her makeup bag, but in different ways that reflected the energy of her changing circumstance and emotional growth. In Italy, where Liz tries to rediscover simple passions, all the lines are softened. The blush moves from the outer cheekbone toward the apple of the cheek to create more of a natural, warm flush. Her soft rose lipstick is replaced with a more fleshy, nude color that's a bit more childlike. In India, at the ashram, Liz's face is scrubbed. It's hot and she must work hard, so she's seeking a kind of purification. For this, her eye makeup is softened. The only time she seems to wear makeup is as a guest at a traditional Indian wedding, where her eye pencil mimics the lush kohl used by women in that country. Her lip color and blush are more golden here, and complexion is no longer matte but rather has a sunset glow. In Bali, where Liz completes her journey, she has elements of all her earlier looks. Her eyes are lined again, but in a smoky, smudged manner. Blush has given way to a sun-kissed bronze across her cheeks and down the bridge of her nose. Her lips are moistened rather than lipstick-ed. A naturally sensual woman has emerged. It must have been so hot while filming in India and Bali. Were waterproof products a must? It was hot everywhere we filmed. We went from New York in July, to Rome in August, to India in September, and finally to Bali in October. The temperature peaked into the 100s in India—generally unforgiving for makeup! But remarkably, the regular non-waterproof Lancôme Définicils Mascara never ran or smudged. Lancôme's Le Stylo Waterproof eye pencil in Café was indispensable, and Lancôme Aquatique eye shadow base saved the day. Lancôme Eau Fraîche Douceur Micellar Cleansing Water is also amazing in a hot climate for cleansing the skin thoroughly. What were your Lancôme must-haves during filming? My kit must-haves include: Aquatique eye shadow base, Le Stylo Waterproof eye pencils in Café and Noir, Définicils Mascara in Noir, Définicils Precious Cells Mascara in Noir, Color Design Cream Blush in Petticoat Pink [sadly, this has been discontinued], Juicy Tubes in Simmer, Star Bronzer in Lumiere, and Eau Fraîche Douceur Micellar Cleansing Water—all of which were perfect for this film. Do you have any application tips for film makeup? I love to draw eye pencil across the lash line, then take a smudging brush with a bit of powder eye shadow on it and work it over the liner to blur and extend the line into a smoky rim. Blush and bronzer look best when they're applied just on the apples of the cheeks and the bridge of the nose (but not the tip of the nose). Remember, you never want to apply bronzer all over the face.


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