Adina Zilberman May 31, 2012
Ladies, do me a favor and take a look in the mirror. Zoom in on your eyebrows. What do you see? If they are looking slightly unruly, then this post is for you. Read on for how you can get them in tip-top shape, and fast. First and foremost, have you ever had your brows professionally shaped? If the answer is no, stop, drop, and roll yourself over to a salon. Leave your first shaping to an aesthetician, who will be able to study your face and hair and decide what is best for you. With your guidance and their experience, you'll have perfect brows pronto. Once you have your perfect brows, you will want to maintain them. For that, always have on hand a 10x magnifying mirror and a sharp pair of tweezers. Take a look at your brows every other day or so, and tweeze (in the direction of hair growth) all stray hairs that appear. Take great care not to mess with the shape the aesthetician so carefully put into place. The state of your brows can really make or break any beauty look. Those with sparse or short brows especially need a little extra love when applying their daily makeup. To define your brows, grab the following:
  • A couple of eyebrow stencils, such as those from Anastasia Beverly Hills.
  • A small angled brow brush and eyebrow spooly brush. MAC makes both.
  • An eyebrow pencil in a shade that matches your hair color. Try L'Oréal's Brow Stylist Brow Shaping Duet.
  • A brow setting gel, like the one from Anastasia Beverly Hills.
Park yourself in front of a large mirror, and you are ready to begin. First, select the stencil that most closely matches your shape and line it up with your natural brow. Then grab your pencil, and proceed to create an outline in the shape of the stencil. Once done, remove the stencil. In short strokes, proceed to color in all sparse areas of the brow with your pencil. Stop when your brow has a natural fullness. Grab the spooly brush, and brush the color into your eyebrow hair. Set with the brow gel, and you are done. Let us know your best tips for getting perfect eyebrows?


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