Angela Melero Jun 11, 2015

Trips to the salon or makeup counter have a way of bringing out the dreamer in all of us, don’t they? Suddenly, all your wildest hair and makeup dreams become tangible and the possibilities seem endless. That being said, nothing sends these visions of grandeur crashing to the ground like a salon-visit-gone-wrong. Whether it’s a bad haircut, dye-job or makeup application, a botched beauty service has the power to leave us in tears. To ensure you get the most out of your next visit to the salon or makeup counter, we came up with a few rules of thumb that will have you leaving looking like the goddess that you are!

How to Get the Makeup Look You Want

Do Your Homework

Make sure you do your due diligence and research the salon and artist that will be working on your face. Check out reviews from previous clients and look out for negative comments that could serve as a red flag. Try using an online booking platform like Style Seat that allows you to view in-depth profiles of beauty professionals in your city, as well as client testimonials. Don’t walk into a salon without having a sense of who will be touching your face!

Bring Pictures

Sometimes words just aren’t enough when it comes to describing the makeup of our dreams. There’s no guarantee your stylist is going to interpret the look you’re going for the way you want them to, so we suggest going in prepared. Bring one or two visual examples (from a magazine, Pinterest, Instagram post, etc.) that showcases the makeup you are hoping to achieve. You know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words ...

Ask Questions

Your face is not something to be messed with, so be observant of what is going on during your makeup service. Ask questions about technique or makeup colors and finishes, especially if something feels or looks off. Find out what products are being used and what colors work best with your skin tone.  The benefit of asking questions is it gives you the tools and knowledge to execute the look on your own at home. It will also come in handy if you want to return or have the same service again! 

Speak Up If You’re Not Happy ...

The “speak now or forever hold your peace” rule should extend past marriage ceremonies and apply to all aspects of life, especially makeup and hair. At the end of the day, your look and style belongs to you, so you are solely responsible for taking ownership of them. If your makeup or hair appointment is going in a direction that you are not happy with, you must speak up. Unfortunately, stylists can’t read minds and their job is to make sure you leave the salon or makeup counter happy and confident. The only way this will happen is if you let them know how you’re feeling about the service. Is that shadow looking a little dark? Are your bangs cut too blunt? Speak up!

… And Don’t Leave Until You Are

Do not, we repeat, do not leave the salon or makeup counter until you have achieved the look you wanted. If that means staying a few minutes longer than planned or having some back-and-forth convos with your stylist, so be it. You are paying for a service and are entitled to the look you want.

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