Here at, we are lucky enough to have a panel of experts to sound off on those topics that leave the everyday girl scratching her head. Today, for example, we asked hair guru Zachary Morad to give us tips on how to grow out a super short bob.

Bobs are without a doubt having a moment right now. We've witnessed so many of our favorite celebrities and models ditch their length and opt for more chic, cropped cuts. I myself have shown you the way of the bob and how to find the right one for you! But as always, the cycle continues and is now ushering us into a land of long locks ....

So what now? Growing out your bob can be less than pleasant as it can leave you in a weird limbo stage. You need to get from point A to point B, and absolutely can't lose any good face time in the process! I'm here to help! If you’re feeling like it's time to grow towards something longer, let's get right to it!

how to grow out a bob

Messy Always Works

If you've found yourself in that awkward in-between phase of growing out your bob, you're probably feeling like your hair has lost all of its oomph. Maybe it's falling flat. Or maybe your blow outs are coming out a little too rounded? Try wearing it messy! This will work with both straight hair or hair that you've added some texture to with a curling iron.

Scoop out a little pomade (my fav is L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Texture and Control Unkempt Out of Bed Texturizer) and heat it up in your hand with a blow dryer. Once the product becomes soft, flip your head over and run your fingers through your hair with the softened product. Flip your head back over and part as desired. This mussed-up style is the perfect way to give your hair a little extra kick!

Stay On Schedule

When aiming for growth, your first inclination might be to refrain from trimming your hair. This is wrong, wrong, wrong. One major major way to stay looking fresh while growing out a bob is to stick to your cutting schedule. I recommend cutting it every eight weeks to keep the ends of your hair from splitting.

Splits ends result from dry hair and can absolutely prevent you from obtaining length. If your locks are prone to dryness and breakage, try a strengthening solution like Redken Extreme Length Sealer - Treatment for Distressed Hair.


We are continuously seeing hair accessories on runways and red carpets this season, and they are a fantastic way to make the most out of your look when in the midst of growing out your hair. You can try crystal bobby pins to secure one side of your hair back or even an elaborate headband when unable to do a ponytail. Accessorizing won't only aid you in the process but it will also bring your look to a new, trendier level.

Give It a Pop of Color

The process of growing your hair out can definitely lead to some drab days. One way I like to help my clients feel fabulous during this time is by switching up their color a bit. Whether it be adding baby lights to brighten your mane or a dramatic ombré to lend a little edge, giving your hair a color boost add some zest to even the dullest of days.

What are your tricks to growing out your shorter ‘dos? Spill your tricks in the comments below!

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