Ain’t NO shame in our makeup game. If you want to create the illusion of a bigger, ahem, bosom, or a smaller nose, we know just how to do it! And guess what? All you need is your makeup kit! That’s right, no implants, injections or post-op pain — just a little help from our contour palettes and a few other makeup essentials you already own. Because if you want a stronger jawline or plumper lips, sometimes you have to fake it! 

Makeup Contouring

Faking A Boob Job

You may not be pulling this trick out of your magic makeup hat daily, but it’ll come in handy when that V-neck tee is sitting a little extra low. Just grab your go-to bronzer and highlighting cream, and check out this cleavage-enhancing tutorial here.

Faking a Nose Job

Even those with barely-there noses want smaller ones! Create the illusion of a thinner, shorter, longer or straighter nose with the help of some simple contouring. You can have the nose of your dreams — no anesthesia required — within seconds with the help of this and this tutorial. 

Faking Fuller Eyebrows

‘Tis the year of bold brows, and let’s just say us gals with teeny weeny eyebrows are kinda hating right now. No need to go the permanent tattoo route now that there are so many tips and tricks on how to fake full brows like these.

Faking Sculpted Cheekbones

By now we suspect that you’ve watched a least a few dozen YouTube videos on how to land supermodel status cheekbones. And while it may not be the easiest of makeup tutorials, it’s worth learning. Trust us, once you’ve mastered the art of cheekbone contouring, you can never go back to round face. This contour map and this full-face tutorial will have you contouring and highlighting like a pro. 

Faking a Defined Collarbone

You may have not even known you wanted to fake a more defined collarbone until this very moment! But, if you’re going to go with the faux boob job up above, why not highlight your neckline as well with this three-step tutorial? 

Faking Fuller Lips

Like brows, full lips have also taken over the beauty spotlight right now. And since we’re pretty much terrified of needles, we’re going to go for the pain-free solution instead. And we’ve got plenty of ways to do it: like this lip contouring technique or this tutorial to faking fuller lips


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