The Trick

You’ve heard the saying “wear your heart on your sleeve,” but now it’s time to take that one step further and wear it on your face with one of my favorite highlighting tricks, the Heart Highlighting Trick. To try it, place your hands together to form a heart. The arches of the heart should line up against your eyebrows while your thumbs rest against the top of your lips. Now here’s the trick: highlight everything inside the heart for a beautiful luminous complexion! how to highlight your face

Application Tips

When applying your highlighter, less is more! If you get too much product on your brush it can end up making your skin look foiled instead of luminous. I prefer a fan brush for application because the bristles aren't as dense or firmly packed which helps the brush pick up less pigment. Make sure to give your brush a few firm taps before applying your soft, heart shaped sweep. My Highlighter Favorites: Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #2, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle, Lancôme Blush Subtil Palette                                        

Finish the Look

To complement your glow and add some color to your face, dusk a soft wash of your favorite blush across the apple of your cheeks. You can also take it a step further and use a matte bronzer to contour the parts of your face that aren’t inside the heart. As with the highlighter, build the intensity of color as you go.   Will you give this highlighting trick a whirl? Let me know below! Photos: Elyse Reneau for

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