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how to instagram your manicure In the manicure process, what comes after base, color, and top coat? Why showing off your new nails of course! Using our own Instagram stream as research, we’ve deemed that manigrams are totally the new selfies. However, if you feel like despite your best smartphone wielding efforts, your photos just aren’t doing your new nails justice, then this article is for you. We caught up with nail blogger extraordinaire Taryn Multack of Miss Ladyfinger, to get her expert take on how best to show off those tips.

Flatter your Fingers

“The most flattering angles to position your hands are ones that elongate the fingers,” advises Multack. “I usually try to steer away from ‘the claw’ as I find it distorts the proportion of your fingers. Stretch your hand and fingers first and then angle them straight on or diagonal to get the most length.” Active hands, no lazy fingers ladies!

Position the Polish

“Holding the nail polish bottle is tricky, because there's no perfect way to angle it,” Multack says. “Whenever I try, I just place my fingers in the most straight line possible. It requires some effort, but I find that looks best. Sometimes it’s fun to just hold the bottle in your thumb and pointer finger, letting the rest fan out so you can see all of your nail art."

Light the Look

“Shoot your nails near a window. Natural lighting looks best,” Multack tells us. “When you can, avoid using flash.” For the serious shooters out there, grab a friend to do the deed. “If you have a buddy, stand at least a foot away from the background you want,” says Multack. “You’ll avoid shadows and the aperture of the camera will keep your nails in focus and blur out the rest. It looks very professional that way.”

Mimic the Models

“The models backstage at fashion week make it easy to look beautiful. They curl their hands in front of their cheeks and lips to show off the complete beauty look,” says Multack. “What I find to be the most fun, however, is when they hold props (like cell phones or headphones) to show off their nails. It plays up the fashion element. After all, nail polish and nail art is an accessory! “ Will you be showing off your new manicure with these tips? Tag us at @Makeupdotcom on Instagram if you do! Photos: MissLadyfinger Instagram


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