ajackson Apr 23, 2012
Apparently, my ridiculously curly eyelashes are an anomaly. I can't tell you how many times I've heard this: "You are SO lucky! Your lashes never fall flat. Mine just won't hold a curl." It's true, my lashes are permanently curled. But, lucky? Not so much. (My eyeball gets jabbed with a twisty renegade lash at least twice a day. And it hurts.) I'm still trying to figure out how to straighten out my lashes, but Lancome Makeup Artist Daniel Martin has a few tricks for keeping super-straight lashes curled all day.
  • Step 1: Apply a thin coat of mascara to your lashes before curling to give them some girth and thickness.
  • Step 2: Curl your lashes by gently pressing the curler and holding for 30 seconds.
  • Step 3: "One of my best tricks to 'set' lashes after curling is to use a lash primer," says Martin. This treatment helps your lashes hold the shape while mascara builds on it. Wait about a minute after you use the primer to apply your final coats of mascara.
  • Step 4: In some cases, lashes fall flat because mascara distribution afterwards wasn't even. It's best to apply mascara from root-to-tip. Wiggling at the base and pulling through evenly distributes the mascara, giving your lashes body, length and shine (that lasts all day).
Do you have any tips for long-lasting lash curl? P.S. Need a new eyelash curler? If you can hold out, Lancome is launching Le Curler in June, and it's supposed to be AMAZING.


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