We love that fake lashes are bigger and better than ever right now. They’re a great way to accentuate and brighten your peepers, but they can be a little bit of a hassle. Some of us, Team MDC included, aren’t always wizards at putting those bad boys on and need a helping hand and some time to get the falsies just right. So that raises the question: How do you get the fake lash look without actually putting on the fakes? We’ve got some foolproof tips to help you get the natural lashes of your dreams.

fake lashes

Bring in the Big Guns. To go big, you need to find the right man, er mascara, for the job. Your everyday mascara just won’t do for this look! Get your hands on a product with intense lengthening, volumizing and curling effect.

MDC Product Picks: Lancôme L’Extrême, Urban Decay Perversion Mascara, Maybelline Volum’ Express Mascara.

Curl and Prime. To achieve dramatic lashes, proper prepping is key. Make sure you curl your lashes with a metal eyelash curler like the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler and apply a primer to condition your lashes and promote perfect mascara application.

Don’t Scrimp on the Tips. For sky-high lashes, give those tips some extra love. Swipe the tips of the lashes lightly before covering the entire area from base-to-end.

Wiggle Room. When it comes to mascara application, technique can make or break the overall result and our go-to method has never steered us wrong. Starting at the base of the lashes, move the wand upward while wiggling it back and forth.

Don’t Forget Your Coats. The “less is more” mentality may work for other makeup looks, but it definitely does not apply for luscious lashes. To achieve extreme volume, you’ve got to layer up, ladies. Apply multiple coats of a high-impact mascara onto the entire lash area. Make sure you apply these coats lightly to avoid clumping.

What are your secrets to lash success? Give us the scoop in the comments below.

Model: Kiara McCarthy
MUA: Emma Willis
Photo: Joshua Shelton

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