Oct 31, 2013 Makeup.com Looks

6 Ways to Look Great in Unflattering Situations

how to look good in unflattering situations
If an unexpected slumber party leaves you scrambling to get ready without your regular products, these get-ready-anywhere tips will help. –Makeup.com
Goodbye soggy strands. It’s possible to save your locks from the rain—without toting an umbrella—thanks to this new product. –Beauty Blogging Junkie
While the overhead lighting of underground transportation does no woman any favors, you can now buy makeup in subway stations and beautify en route –The Cut
Look whimsical, chic and decidedly French amongst a sea of “naughty nurses” this Halloween by rocking this Amélie costume. –xoVain
Think it’s impossible to look great at the gym? These smart tips might prove you wrong. –Beauty High
This Emergency Skin Kit means that yes, you can look gorgeous even though your skin is completely broken out. –Daily Makeover
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