Deven Hopp Mar 21, 2014
Our days at the barre are certainly behind us. These days we prefer bars of a different nature. But while we may not be itching to put on a pair of pink tights anytime soon (or ever again), we must admit that undeniable je ne sais quoi of a dancer is still something we strive for daily. If, like us, you’ve traded your ballet slippers for ankle boots, don’t fret – with these four ways to channel your inner ballerina, you can still to tap into that Swan Lake spirit. how to look like a ballerina

1. Put on a bodysuit.

Slipping into a bodysuit, the article of clothing formerly known as a leotard, is probably the quickest way to send yourself into ballerina mode. Sure, trips to the powder room will take a little bit longer, but donning skintight spandex is guaranteed to make you roll your shoulders back and stand up straight with the posture of a prima ballerina.

2. Wear pastels.

Capture the elegance and grace of a dancer by adopting a softer approach to color cosmetics. Pastel polish, like the new Lancôme Vernis in Love in Lilac Love or the obvious choice, essie Ballet Slippers, is the first step to achieving those delicate dancer hands. Tint the lips with soft matte shades like Yves Saint Laurent Kiss and Blush in Rose Epicurienand Buxom Full-On Lip Stick in London. Rosy cheeks and lots of lashes are the finishing touches to any ballet beauty’s look.

3. Try tulle. 

We remember our first tutu like it was yesterday … The ballet was “Sleeping Beauty.” The tutu was powder blue, and we looked smashing in it. Flash forward a few decades years and the thought of a tutu still gets us excited. Just save the colorful layers of tulle for the stage and opt for a chicer black version, like this Topshop Tulle Mini Skirt tuft.

4. Be a bunhead.

As the preferred hairstyle of ballerinas, the bun is the pinnacle of ballet beauty. True bunheads steer clear of the messy bun, but feel free to tie your hair up into a top knot, scoop it into a low chignon or throw a sock bun in.   Is the ballerina look a yah or nah in your book? Sound off in the comments below.


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